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Best Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand

Street food and restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand, we're closed for sit down customers for over two months. But recently as of about a we...

Street food and restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand, we're closed for sit down customers for over two months. But recently as of about a week ago, restaurants have re-opened street food has re-opened for sit down customers, under certain regulations and restrictions. Maintaining social distancing. We've just arrived at Chinatown, which is called Yaowarat. And this is one of the epicenters of Thai Chinese food.
 We're gonna walk around check out the current situation go on a street food tour eat some delicious food and share the current tai street food in Bangkok situation. All right, we're gonna put our masks on. And I got this visor glasses, that I'll probably wear for at least a little bit of the time. ( upbeat music) Okay, I hope you can hear me okay.
 We are on our way to walkaround Yaowarat Chinatown, Tai street food tour. (bikes humming) (upbeat music) You can see a lot of the street food has put plastic, oh yeah that looks good pathongo. Has put plastic around their stalls, to be able to block, to be able to shield a little bit. He has pathongo which smells really good, which are the Thai Chinese donuts. This is Yaowarat Road, which is the main road in Chinatown. A famous road, and it's very quiet there is some traffic, but the footpath traffic normally there would, there used to be a lot more action here than normal.
 The good thing about Thailand is so many people, almost everybody wears a mask. So you'll look around everybody that's walking around is wearing a mask, some people wear visors like this. This is kind of the main central area of Yaowarat Chinatown. It's still not nearly as busy as it typically would be. But we're still walking around trYin to just, getting our bearings. TrYin to see what to eat, I'm getting hungry. (upbeat music) We're getting back into the market its called Sampeng. And it's a bit busier around here.
 Most stalls are open, most businesses are open.
There're masks of every kind available for sale, of every print. (bike humming) (speaking in foreign language) Okay, we are gonna stop at Fikeaw restaurant, this is a restaurant serving noodles. (speaking in foreign language) Okay. (speaking in foreign language) Okay, so we just stopped in, actually, I'm gonna switch for the light. I'll switch on to this side. (laughing) But a lot of them (laughs) a lot of the street food stalls here are still on, right Yin? A lot of the--(murmuring) What? (speaking in foreign language)(laughing) A lot of the street food stalls have some kind of barrier or blockade.
 I guess now that we're gonna eat I can take off the mask and the visor. But have some type of blockade. Some of them have clear PVC pipe fixtures, that they've created to divide tables. Others just put up a straight-up piece of Coca-Cola cardboard, in between your table. (speaking in foreign language) But generally, it's also, one person per table, if you don't have a block. So if they didn't have a block, it would just be one person per table. But Yin and I can now share a table because we have a cardboard blockade between us. Okay, we just ordered some Tom Yum noodles. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) Yin, (speaking in foreign language), which is, it's pink noodles. They're known as pink noodles because they have the fermented soybean product in there, to make it flavorful. To give it that sweet flavor. I got the Tom Yum with a mix of fish balls, a mix of seafood, threesome peanuts on top.
 There's some chili, there is some fish skins, some fried fish skins. And I'll just taste the broth but for sure, this bowl of noodles is designed to add as many toppings as much chili and vinegar to your liking. There are bean sprouts in here. It has a nice sour taste, not too sweet. But it definitely needs some seasoning. And, (laughs) here itis, the seasoning is over this side of the table. A few chili flakes go in. An absolute mandatory move. And I like to go with vinegar. And before we really dig in, better do a good hand wash. The table's a little wobbly. Okay, now we are ready. Oh yeah, with that chili, the sourness of vinegar, that's delicious. And then there is a variety of all sorts of fishball meat, meatballs, or fish balls. Fish skin, fried fish balls. That's wonderful. (upbeat music) Feels good, and tastes good, to have a hot fresh bowl, of noodles on a hot blazing, sweaty day in Bangkok. But just that, that contrast, the broth is sour, slightly sweet, spicy all combined in your mouth at the same time How is it, Yin? - It's really good - It's good yeah, really good. Fish ball time. Yeah, now that is bouncy. Spongy mmmh. Oh, I'm out. And every fish ball has a different texture to it. This one is the fish skin. Mmmm.
 That's one of my favorite (mumbles). It's fried, (mumbles) and crispy. But then, it just completely absorbs all that broth, all that soup, just like this fried fish chip full of juice. (upbeat music) Yin, how are you doing over there? - Very good (laughing). (speaking in foreign language) - Yeah it was very good. - Yeah, it's very good. And also it has been like at least two and a half months since we've come out to the streets to eat, that's also why it tastes so good, I think right? I missed the energy, the culture, not even the flavors. But the energy, the culture, the life, the market atmosphere. (upbeat music) That was a great stop, I'm dripping in sweat. But we are off again to walk around, here we go. The benefit of wearing a mask when you do a food tour. Yin, was just telling me one of the benefits of wearing a mask when you do a food tour, one of the benefits of wearing a mask when you do a food tour that I'd never thought of is that you don't need to make sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth. You just put your mask up, (laughs). So I might have a bunch of stuff stuck in my teeth, we'll never know. (upbeat music) Let's continue walking, we're back out onto the main street. More tables, and in Yaowarat, a lot of the street food, is known, famous especially at night time. But, I think things are starting to open up. Oh, we gotta go this way. (upbeat music) Almost every time that I come to Chinatown, I stop by this small little stall that serves Chinese herbal medicinal drinks. And, we just passed them, but we're gonna go order from them again because they have this amazingly innovative, creative, serving style.
 Truly taking serving and social distancing to the next level. And so, pass by all of the, yeah let's go Yin. Pass by all of the lottery ticket sellers, this is the spot right here. Classic spot. That is an awesome, awesome, set up. (speaking in foreign language) And then they have a whole slider. (speaking in foreign language) They have a slider. (speaking in foreign language) That's like lacrosse. (laughing) (speaking in foreign language) That is awesome, what a system, the slide, and then the lacrosse bat, what do you call it? Anyway, you can definitely play sports with that. To give your money and take, that's awesome enforcing the social distancing And now we have some healthy Chinese herbal medicinal drinks to drink, and in Thai, it's just called bitter liquid. (laughs) Yes, I love it every time. It's no joke, no exaggeration calling it bitter liquid. It's bitter, it has a slight molasses tinge to it, without being sweet.
You just taste the herbs, the medicine, the health, going down, it's served warm. I quite enjoy it, although it is pretty intense. Aaah, yeah that will raise your chest hairs, love it, it may look a little bit like cola, but this is far from Coca-Cola. Aaaah, yes, the medicine, you can feel the medicine going in. Okay, that's great and we're off to go eat some more. (upbeat music) We are walking towards a street stall, that's a very, famous called Krua Porn Lamai. And they are very well known for volcanic, flaming hot, iron pans filled with vegetables, a dish called suki, and their noodles, and among other dishes. They should be just about open. Watch out for your head, and we're gonna eat there next. Almost, we just asked them they're gonna open in about 15 minutes. They are still setting up, but they have some tables here, we can wait. And this is the table situation here. They have tables lined along the sidewalk. PVC pipe, which has been constructed into an upright holder for a giant plastic bag. Which kinda sits onto the PVC pipe, and then you can sit down. And that way you can view your partner as you eat, across the table. Also, I think typically, before when I've come here, the tables are much closer together. I think they've spaced out the tables a lot more because of the next table is a few feet to the back. And, they've kinda spaced tables out along the sidewalk. And they also have wine here for you.
 That's very convenient, very awesome. Street food, alcohol hand wash. (speaking in foreign language) (banging)(bike humming) (speaking in foreign language) (sizzling) Wow, that is awesome. (speaking in foreign language) This is called hoy tod, which I think it is either oysters or muscles, looks like oysters fried. (sizzling) (speaking in foreign language) That is the hoy tod ready, extremely crispy, brown crunchy. And now he's frying up, that was a hand full of noodles. Which he's basically deep frying. Wow, and then on goes some pork I believe. (speaking in foreign language) Which is like roasted noodles, almost fried pancake style. Deep-fried in a lot of oil, and that smells incredible. It's like a floating inner tube. (sizzling) (speaking in a foreign language) (plates clinking) (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) For washing? It's for scrubbing (laughs)? I had seen that before but I had no idea what it's for. I guess it's for, scrubbing off the old skin.- Yeah - Yeah, as soon as this place opens immediately it's full, huh Yin? - Yah. - All the tables are full now. This place is known for extra crispy things. And after he fries it in oil, then you put it onto a, it's called a (speaking in foreign language). like a volcanic hot iron plate, platter, to keep it hot to keep it crispy. They give you sanitary silverware wrapped in a little plastic bag. Very nice, and let's dig in. I have to start with that crispy omelet. Crispy, there are oysters. And then he put a handful of bean sprouts on the bottom. But actually at the top of the wok. And then, flipped it out, onto the plate.
So you get a little bit of the crispy oysters, you get some of the bean sprouts. And you gotta add the sauce too huh. And this is like a sweet chili sauce. Ketchup, chili sauce, but it's an absolute must. That can still be volcanic hot because of that iron plate. So you wanna proceed cautiously. Wow. It's oily, it's crispy, it is tasty. And this one is the Suki Nam. I think we actually ordered the Suki-Haeng. Which would have come on a hot plate as well, but this one is the soup version. And that's okay anyway. There's a mix of vegetables, there's egg here, in a broth with chicken. And there's also a sauce that you can buy. Let me taste it, I'll just taste it first. The whole egg makes the entire broth thick. It first has a sweet taste, and then a little bit of a sour curtness. And that pinkness is coming usually from (speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) It's a fermented soybean product, that turns pink Like you definitely wanna add more on the suki sauce. Get some off the chicken, there are some mongi noodles.
 There is morning glory, and there is cabbage. And the final dish we go there is called Kuakai crab. Kuakai is a common Tai noodle dish, which is usually really smoked out. Very smoky in a hot wok. But they've taken this to the next level to make it extra crispy. And actually deep fried the entire blob of white noodles. Oh, I almost forgot about the chicken. There's chicken on top. It's like a crunchy blob of deep-fried noodles and eggs. (laughs) It's translucent. I'm sure that it needs a little bit of tangy, sweet sauce too. Wow. That is everything you can possibly want in a crunchy snack. It literally, it would definitely float if you put that on water. It's buoyant for sure, it's crispy, translucent. It's almost the crispiness of a pastry, without the layers of crispiness. A crispy inner tube is what it is. Yeah, the food here is almost more like snacks, and this place is usually known for its late-night street food. It really is kinda, like late-night crunchy snacks. You come here to eat, but it is very tasty.
 It is a really classic place. And, it's great that they are taking a lot of social distancing precautions. Spacing things out, and still be able to enjoy a fresh meal on the streets here in Bangkok. (upbeat music) Let me scoot it under the table. - It's hot though. - That's my view of Yin. (laughing) That's my view of my dinner date. (laughing) - Yeah, mmh, very crispy. - Yeah, very crispy. (speaking in foreign language) Look Yin, they have two different size bags of chili. Oh, but it looks like this smaller bag has more chili than the bigger bag. Even this bag, it's not really that much chili. (upbeat music) What a creation this one is. This might be the winner here. Just a crispy blob of deep-fried noodles, chicken, and egg. And it's so unbelievably fluffy and so flaky. Like a pastry. (laughs) (upbeat music)(crunching) (plates clanking) Had to re-mask, re-visor. Yeah, that was greasy but tasty. Like late-night, late-night snacks. And you can see again, actually, they are completely full huh? Look they're completely full. Every table. Okay, we're gonna go to one more street food stall watch out for the car Yin. And that will complete this tour, (laughs). (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) The final stop we wanted to go to is a little way up the street.
There are people waiting in line. Oh yeah, that looks awesomely good, fried rice, crab fried rice. Oh, crab fried rice does sound good, (laughs). But yeah there's a most, he's really famous. Maybe the most famous in Bangkok for his pathology. Which are the Thai Chinese, fried, savory donuts, with soy milk? Now that would make a great end to this video, and to this food tour. (speaking in foreign language) This is probably the most famous pathongo stall in all of Bangkok. They were in the Michelin guide, in 2019, 2018,2020. And he is a master of pathongo. (chopping) You can see that dough is so pillowy soft. (upbeat music) He's so strategic with the way he, partners that dough together. And he doubles them up into a little bow tie. (upbeat music) Fresh soy milk, cold soy milk, and hot, freshly fried, pathongo. We gotta start with the pathongo. Large, and pillowy, and fluffy, and crispy, all at the same time. Mmmm. It's the texture that's actually the best perfectly pillowy dough. Puffy, crispy, mmm you taste the flavor of the oil. Oh lemme try that with the soy milk. Wow. (murmurs) Aaah, it's slightly sweetened. Oh, that's delicious it's so refreshing. Especially, the cool soy milk to go with the really hot, freshly, fried pathongo doughnuts. Great combination, and then he also got some of the Sangaya. Which is the coconut custard that they also serve here that you often dip into? Ooh, you got four of them - three - Three of them okay let's try it yah? - Yeah - We should just try it real fast we gotta try it. Sangaya, this is a coconut and pendean custard, and that's why its green it's from Pendean. Oh, that looks, what do you think? Yin is an expert in sangaya, she loves it. So I will dunk. And this is gonna complete. Did I get enough? One more. Oh yeah, that texture looks amazing. Wow, that is awesome.
 Not overly sweet but the creaminess of the coconut milk, that pendean flavor which kind of is vanilla. And then again with a really hot, really fresh pandean. Oh, the sangaya, is really good Yin. You gotta try it Yin. (upbeat music) All right, and this brings us back to where we started. I already alcohol my hands, take off the visor, take off the mask. And that completes this Bangkok Chinatown Thai Chinese street food tour, mini-street food tour. We just ate a couple of things and walked around. Mainly to check out the situation. I would say that you know in this situation during this time every country is in a different place. And so some countries are opening up, other countries are less open. Their economies, but nevertheless food is one of the things that we all need, we all need food. And it's a huge part of the economy. And it's also great to be able to support vendors, street food vendors, restaurants, independent restaurants. And so it was cool to be able to just walk around. To be able to eat at some street food stalls in Chinatown. But at the same time, at this time, I think it's still better to eat inside at your house. To order delivery or to cook at home. If you can I think that is the conclusion I have come up with. And, that's what street food is right now in Bangkok, Thailand Tai street food.



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Pak News: Best Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand
Best Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand
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